23 August 2008

Europe 1998 - Is Done

Finally I got all the photos done, edited and digitized. It was on 1998, that's why the color is a bit fade.

I have display 10 of my pick, scroll to the end to watch the slide show for the rest of the photos

21 August 2008

A Visit To Zoo Negara

It was school holiday time, so I took 2 days off from office to be with the kids. Where to ? Zoo Negara, our national zoo in Kuala Lumpur. It was tiring for me but yet fulfilling. Here are some selected photos from my Nikon Coolpix 3200.There's the busy man, family time still have to entertain calls.
Nikon Coolpix 3200 - "Nikon Understand Digital Photography"

18 August 2008

Europe 1998 .. Coming soon

I received a call this afternoon from a dear friend, after reading my post he wonders, whether I will post some of the photos from Europe that I have greatly mention before.

Well I do not plan to do that initially, simply because that's allot of work to do, as they need to be digitized and edited before able to be posted, further more it was 10 years ago, whether those photos still look as good as before, I have no idea.

Anyway his request has motivated me here to get those pic posted. SO I dig out those photos from my closet and check through it, all off them looks good, though some of the color have faded a bit but should be able to correct it with Photoshop.

I will need sometime for this... wait for my update, those photos will come out soon for your review.


14 August 2008

How did it all started... Cont.

Where did I stop.... College years.

Well college years are boring, I basically do this 3 things day in day out... Attend classes, tutorial and do projects. I don't even have time to go movie, dating, and holiday, what more photography. Thank God its only for 2 years.

After my collage years, I manage to get enroll into one of the university in UK, infect is in Northern Ireland. There I pursue my degree course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for 3 years. This are 3 most enjoyable years I ever have, beside leaving home.... freedom !!, I also mange to pickup my photography hobby.
How did it happen ? Well before I leave, I manage to convince my dad to buy me a SLR camera, it was on offer and is just suitable for me. It was an entry lever, Nikon F50 SLR camera, come with standard 35 - 55mm lens. I then bought another telelens from Temron, a 28-200mm. With this lens, it more then enough for me to take any photos at most condition. The only think that was pending to buy was a good flash gun.

When I was over in UK, I came to know a friend from Malaysia as well during our orientation week, he was a photography fans as well. He uses a Canon EOS 5 camera which was from his dad. He has much more sophisticate equipment and good knowledge, we learn from each other allot.

I also have a classmate from Singapore who uses a Nikon FM2 SLR camera. We three then engage in many outing just to take good photos. I learn allot during that time, simply because we have good scenery in Northern Ireland and allot of tips from each other.

I still remember each time I'm back in Malaysia, I'll buy at lease 1 dozen rolls of 35mm film as films over in UK are expensive. and ever year I manage to finish them all. So you can image how much I have spent here.

After my graduation, I took a tour with this Malaysian friend to Europe for 3 weeks and there alone I think I took about 6 rolls of films. Those photos have turn out as awesome as I want them to be, except for those night shot where a good flash Gun can make a different.

I continue to persue this hobby when I'm back in Malaysia. However at that time, the camera industry is going through a revolution. The digital revolution. More and more digital camera is being launch into the market, but then at a very costly price. I stick to my Nikon F50 SLR camera for a couple more years.

It was used in many occasion, including my company outing, family vacation, birthdays, new year celebration, Christmas celebration... etc., even on the day I tight the knot with my wife.

However my F50 journey has come to an end when I bought my 1st digital compacts camera, A Nikon Coolpix 3200. I bought this to capture my daughter's arrival. Since then I no more service the F50. Another reason that I stop using it was because my Temron lens has fungus on it and I just not willing to spent the money to get it fix.

The Nikon Coolpix 3200 has being my work house since then on, travelling through many places, Japan, New Zealand and even Australia. Since it was digital, the usage are even higher, simply because no cost are involve, except buy good battery.

At this moment, my wife uses it for her digital scrapbooking hobby and I uses it occasionaly. However we have also come to agreement that is time to get a better camera, a Digital SLR camera for the sake of good photography for good scrapbooking.

I totally agree with her and now am in the process for reviewing few units. On my buying list is the Nikon D60 Digital SLR camera. My digital photography journey will start once I got the new Digital SLR camera..

13 August 2008


Lately I found that many mums and housewives have taken up scrapbooking as a hobby, simply because they want to make all their beautiful photos into awesome photo album. If you wish to learn more about creating a scrapbook, this resources maybe useful to you. Check out this ebook. Do drop by my Squidoo lens on this topic and do drop me some comment.

11 August 2008

My 1st Camera

My first Camera, an automatic compact camera from Yashica. My photography journey starts with this camera.

This little thing is not easy to use either if compare with today's fully automatic compact camera. What about the Nikon F2s I mention earlier, well forget
about that, too much bad experience with it. More over I only used it once.

07 August 2008

How did it all started !

It all started when I was in high school 15 years ago, where my dad bought me an automatic compact camera. At that time compact cameras are new in the market. With its all in one function, with auto focus feature, it is an ideal equipment for people who are starting to learn about photography. I have used the camera for many occasion but yet are very fascinated with the bigger brother, the SLR camera. It give me the thought that holding a SLR in your hand makes you a great photographer !!

So I try out my dad's precious Nikon F-2S SLR camera, thought that it should be easy to use, I took it out for some school occasion. End of the day, I send the negative to the photo lab for development and when I return to collect the photos, to my shocking surprise, 80% of the picture turns out under exposes and barely can see. The photo lab technician told me that that was the best they can do to correct it.

I can still remember it till today how naive I was to think that a manual SLR can be that easy to used. I stick back to my compact camera for the rest of the years and only used it in family and friends occasion like parties and outing. I did not really care much on what went wrong that day when I used the SLR and almost forget about my photography interest.

I then move on to my collage years where life is so busy with tutorials and classes that I did not have time to go into photography. I almost give up this hobby until......... To be continue

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