07 August 2008

How did it all started !

It all started when I was in high school 15 years ago, where my dad bought me an automatic compact camera. At that time compact cameras are new in the market. With its all in one function, with auto focus feature, it is an ideal equipment for people who are starting to learn about photography. I have used the camera for many occasion but yet are very fascinated with the bigger brother, the SLR camera. It give me the thought that holding a SLR in your hand makes you a great photographer !!

So I try out my dad's precious Nikon F-2S SLR camera, thought that it should be easy to use, I took it out for some school occasion. End of the day, I send the negative to the photo lab for development and when I return to collect the photos, to my shocking surprise, 80% of the picture turns out under exposes and barely can see. The photo lab technician told me that that was the best they can do to correct it.

I can still remember it till today how naive I was to think that a manual SLR can be that easy to used. I stick back to my compact camera for the rest of the years and only used it in family and friends occasion like parties and outing. I did not really care much on what went wrong that day when I used the SLR and almost forget about my photography interest.

I then move on to my collage years where life is so busy with tutorials and classes that I did not have time to go into photography. I almost give up this hobby until......... To be continue

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