26 December 2008

Christmas Eve Gathering Dinner Photos

This was a last minute call for me to prepare a Christmas Eve dinner. You can check out the detail of the event here.

Here are some snapshot taken while preparing,

Marinated chicken thigh

Lightly marinated Australian beef

Mix vegi, consist of potatoes, baby carrot, cherry tomato covered with bacon and lots of onion.

Once all have been prepared, here it goes, into the oven !

Fresh green salad

Baked potatoes, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes with beef and bacon.

Cooked chicken thigh

Merry Christmas !

18 Snaps:

Wow! I think everything looked wonderful. I would bet it tasted delicious.

I'm impressed! How come you had to cook on such short notice?

that looks great! quite impressive for a last minute meal. :)

I love the idea of putting bacon strips topped with onion over the vegetables - and baking in the oven! Think I'll just borrow that idea if you don't mind!

Everything looks great - good job on such short notice :)

I think it's pretty darn good especially for getting word the same day that you are preparing dinner for 10! You should give yourself more credit- looks like you are a pretty good cook to me!

You did a great job cooking such a bit meal on short notice.
Regarding the bacon, I've been seeing more and more bacon wrapped items here and may try making one.

Hey, you can cook for me any time ;) -- I am sure they were glad you could pull a meal like that together so quickly!

OMG! I should have been at your house! This is what you "whipped up?!" Holy cow, I'm also very impressed!

That looks great! Especially for last minute! Looks like you were prepared to me... ;)

Looks to me like your one of those who can make anything look good and taste great...last minute or not!

Thanks everyone for the comments. Although it was a last minutes work, it was great joy preparing it.

You should be on the board of some of these "failing" companies if you can pull off all of that in record time! Amazing and it looks delicious!

I guess the biggest success in any organized even is to have a plan on what to do.

It can be quite messy if you do not have a detail plan on what you want to do and how to ensure it is can be done on time.

Yummmy!! That food looks wonderful and you did a great job on such short notice!! We also want to wish you a Prosperous 2009!!
Your FL furiends,

Looks yummy to me.... I know who to call for a last minute dinner!

The whole meal looks delicious! I love the idea of the making the veggies in the oven w/ bacon. I'm going to have to try that.

For someone who really doesn't cook looks like you did a great job. Quite impressed. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.

Very creative, and looks yummy...

Happy New Year to all of you! :)

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