17 December 2008

Digital Print from EOE

On 12 December 08, I did a review on EOE online photo printing promotion and EOE offer me a 50 pcs Free printing for the review. I took the offer after reviewing their service in my blog and guess what, I received my printed copy of the photos at my door step today.

I was quite surprise for their speed, 50 pcs of photos and got them ready in just 2 working days + 1 delivery day.

As I open my package and check on the print out, I was quite surprise on the print quality. It looks as good as negative print and I just can't differentiate it between digital print and conventional negative print.

I used to send my 35mm films to photo shop for develop and I'm quite picky on the way they process the photos but when I try out this service, I was very happy with the results. Color and image quality are well balance. The photos just look superb.

For just as low as RM$0.30 for 4R print and RM$0.50 for 5R print, it just too good to be true.

I'll would like to thank EOE Online for such opportunity and services. It just make digital photography much more easy and convenience.

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Interesting blog you have here!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment. It's nice to see new faces!:)

Sue's Daily Photography

Thanks for commenting. I hope to improve my blog with more photo shots

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