12 December 2008

Printing digital photo made easy by EOE

Ever wonder how you can print your digital photo into paper without leaving your home or buy an expensive color printer? Well EOE online has a solution for you

EOE online is a homegrown Malaysian photo retail site that allows you to send in order for digital photo reprinting services just by clicking your mouse. When the photos are ready, it will be deliver right to your doorstep.

No special software is required here; all you need is a computer with Internet access and Internet Explorer. By applying the following 3 simple steps, you will receive your printed copy of your photos by post in no time.

Once you have confirm the photos to be printed, all you have to do is to pay the amount needed and you are done. Payment to EOE online is simple. You can pay either by Maybank2U, Visa/Master credit card or Debit card.

Further to the simplicity of the reprinting process, EOE Online is offering some tremendous saving NOW. Digital photo reprinting is much cheaper with the following promotion from EOE Online and this promotion is for a limited time only. Below are the offers.

  • 4R print is at RM0.30 each
  • 5R print is at RM0.50 each
  • No additional charges
  • Free deliver for orders RM35.00 and above.
There are tremendous amount of saving over here. Not only you get to pay cheaper reprinting services, you will also save up on petrol for getting to your local photo shop for photo reprinting, saving on parking fee and most of all, your precious time.

Order can be done at 24x7 and at your own convenient and at anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

So don't wait any longer and get register with EOE online and grab this opportunity NOW before the offer ends.

Goto EOE Online official web site and get yourself registered before the offer ends.

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Those are really great prices. I need to get some of mine printed and quit relying on keeping them on my memory card.

Thanks for the heads up I usually take mine to my local Supermarket and get them done there. Your method is much cheaper though.

The photo paper and ink can be pricey doing it at home. It's good to have a reasonably priced option--

Interesting option! Years ago when things went digital I thought, "Hooray!" only to discover that they collect dust on a hard drive, and that no one but me will see them... something to be said for the old fashioned "get them printed!" method :)

That's a pretty neat idea. I got a color printer for Christmas last year, but for people that don't have one, this is a wonderful option!! Great prices!

This is perfect! I agree with everything digital nowadays remembering to get stuff printed is hard. This type of service would make it much easier, though I think WalMart does something similar - well I know you (used to?) be able to bring your card in and go from there. A bit closer to home for me :)

Color printers are great...but I don't like using up my ink. This is a nice back-up option.

I believe such kind of services are commonly found in out country. Do give it a try as it save you great amount of time.

I'll review again on the printout quality after I have received my 50 photo print sample in a couple of day time.

I always use eoe Online printing service... it's great! Nice photo quality & on time delivery!

Sounds like wonderful prices! We need to get a lot of pictures turned into hard print!
Your FL furiends,

Thanks for sharing the resource for printing digital pictures, as I have priced out the cost of photo paper and ink and this looks like a more reasonable solution.

I like being able to do my own. Luckily, I have the printer to do so. I do lots of editing.

i used to print my photo from my color printer, but seems like i spent more on inks then getting good printout. Guess that printing from printer can be much more expensive!

Can we use it in the US? I take tons of photos but never have them printed. It's terrible but true.

Humm I don't think so. They are doing for the domestic market at the moment. I think in the US such kind of service is comment. You may look up in Google for more information.

Sounds like a good service - printing photos at home can be very expensive...

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