17 January 2009

Macro Mode Photography

For those who is using a digital compact camera, very often, you will find difficulty when trying to photography close object. Most of the times you will get blur images.

Have you ever wonder why ?

Well if you have notice that you did not turn on the macro mode ( a mode represent by a flower symbol) then there’s your answer. This is call macro mode photography.

Close up / macro mode photography is quite difference between Digital SLR and Digital Compact camera. This is simple because for DSLR, there are special purpose macro lens that do the job well. However when come to digital compact, you only have 1 lens and is not changeable. Therefore to do macro mode photography / close up photography with this lens is not easy.

So what makes the difference between DSLR and D. compact? For all lens, there is one thing call minimum focus distance. Meaning, the minimum distance between object and camera must have in order for the camera to obtain a clear focus. This applies to DSLR as well.

When ever the object is placed less then the focus length, the camera will fail to focus and hence give you a blur image. For DSLR, the problem can easily resolve by using a short focus length lens, or a so call Macro lens . Alternatively a Macro adepter is used. What this adepter does is simply magnify the object so that it looks bigger, just like a close up.

Digital compact Macro mode work about the same. What the camera does is to emphasize its system to perform closer focus, hence give you better macro effect. You will notice that when macro mode is "ON" your camera will take longer time to focus.

Therefore simply turn on the Macro mode, you are given the flexibility to photography objects at a much closer range, hence allowing macro mode photography possible.

Using a tripod or a monopod to assist you in this performing macro mode photography can be quite useful. This will help in obtaining sharper images. Most of the time, close up / macro mode photography is on still objects, therefore it helps a lot if you have a tripod or a monopod, as it will give you much more stability on the camera and avoid blurring from camera movement.

One thing you got to avoid doing is zooming with the macro mode "on". The camera will find difficulty in performing the right focus and hence chances are you will get more blur images then sharp close up.

Macro mode photography is not something difficult to do. You just need to try it out more often. One thing to remember, always turn off the macro mode after you have done with your macro mode photography, else your other photo may go blur due to bad focus.

Do give the Macro Mode function a try on your digital compact when you want to do macro mode photography. It does make a big difference.

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Good points said here - it is tough sometimes taking a macro shot. Even on a DSLR it is really nice to have a specific macro lens.

Love the green leaves - so fresh!

thank for the comment. This leafs are small in size, about 2-3 mm in diameter.

That's the wonder of macro photography

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