23 January 2009

Close Up Photography Gallery With Nikon D60

I just bought myself a new DSLR, a Nikon D60 and was very excited about it. It has been quite sometime that I have not lay my hand on a SLR.

Since I have posted a topic on how to use Macro Mode Photography couple of days ago, I may as well try some close up shots with my new camera.

I got to say, the results are so much difference between a DSLR and compact camera.

My little Cherry Shrimp
Here are what I have done.

Those are bubbles and not water spots. This is a plant planted in my aquarium and is babbling.
Can you spot the different ?

Find the rest of by close up gallery at Project Close Up.

2 Snaps:

do not mix up between macro n close-up


Thanks for pointing out. I'll use close up for the time being.

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