20 February 2009

Project Close Up Photography

Project Close up Photography is dedicated as my collection of Close Up Photography, shots with my Nikon D60 DSLR. This post will be constantly updated when new photos are uploaded. Please feel free to comment on any of the photos posted here.

All helpful suggestion in getting better Close up photography are welcome too.

Newly Updated on 21 February 09
After days of research on macro photography, I finally manage to do macro photography without new equipment. Here's what I have done, by using the inverse lens technique.

Newly addon on 7 February 09

Newly updated on 30 January o9

White BougainvilleaMacro Flower

7 Snaps:

yep that's about similar close-ness I get from my 18-55mm lens :)

Yeah that's the best the 18-55mm lens can do. I guess if you need to go closer, either get a macro converter or a marco lens. DPS has some tips on it, I remember reading it.

Nix, you can get closer with the 18-55mm. Some of my shots with the D60 show the pollen grains VERY close-up.

Nope that's the closet I can get with the standard len, without cropping. Unless I have a macro lens or a close up adapter. BTW I just purchase a Kenko extension tube, should be able to go closer with that.

Anonymous, can you show me how close u r getting with the 18-55 ?

Nix, how do I post a shot using Photobucket? Thanks.


Just register with photobucket, create your album, select the album u want to upload your photo to and upload your photo using the upload tools. Sometime it the upload may not be successful if your internet line is slow. retry the process until it is successful

Email me if you need further help.

My email : yhtan74@gmail.com

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