24 March 2009

Earth Hour 60

28 March 09, between 8.30pm to 9.30 pm,local time, turn off your lights for 60 minutes to vote for Earth against global warming. Care for mother EARTH, care for your future and future generation. Do your part as a citizen of EARTH to vote for EARTH against global warning.

Just flip off your switch to vote for EARTH while leaving your switch on to vote for global warming.


There are more that you can do to save mother Earth. Starting from home, keep the litter where it should be, at the rubbish bin.

Like this can of Royal Stout. The sea don't need this, the fishes don't drink it either, so why leave it by the beach? Shouldn't it belongs to a recycle bin ?

13 March 2009

Inside Sydney Opera House

I have heard much about Sydney Opera House, how unique the structure is and how difficult is it to build. It took engineers and architects great amount of time and effort and money to get this project done.

On the outside, it looks great and is not a comment site for many. What about the inside?

How many have actually go in and take a look at the inner structure? Well I got the opportunity to do so when I visited Sydney 2 years ago. Although don't know much about civil engineering and architecture, but I do know how to appreciate a good art work.

I have to say, Sydney Opera House is not only a modern marvel, it is also a good artistic work of art.

If you by chance able to visit this building, do check out the interior.

02 March 2009

Lord of the Ring

This is the wedding ring I bought 7 years ago when I asked my wife to married me. I have been wearing it since then.

This is no ordinary ring as it was specially order to specification. It took almost 1 month to arrive and was almost missed the wedding photo shooting. Made of 100pt platinum, it should last me forever, until my finger no longer fits.

One day as I was playing with some setting to photography a ring, this idea came out, taking a macro shot of name engraved in the ring.

Edited the color to make it black and white and this is what I got.

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