26 April 2009

Basic tips on good composition in photography

Taking digital photography may sound simple but yet many people have overlooked the important of good composition in photography.

A good composition in photography will help you to capture pictures in a much more effectively manner, without wasting time in taking spoil shot.

So how do you make good composition in photography?

Visualize your picture.
Before you look into your view finder and start shooting pictures, it is best that you take a moment, close your eyes and visualize your picture. Visualize and draw a concept on what you want your picture to look like by including the objects of your surrounding.

Think of the techniques and setting you want to use. Once all this is clear in your mind, open your eyes and start shooting it with your camera.

If you randomly shoot pictures and go back later to look at it, most of the time you will find that you can do it in a difference kind of setting and improve the composition. Returning to the scene and retake you photos will be time consuming and you may not get what you want on your second visit.

Therefore having an upfront picture taking can be much more effective then just random shooting. It will help you improve you skills in taking good composition in photography

Include a subject
Having a subject or a person in your shot is always more appealing then just a photographing the background. However if you are specifically shooting a landscape, a building or a structure, then you can choose not to include a person as the building itself is the subject of focus.

But if you are taking a picture to show that you have been there, you can try including your family members or your friends into the scene so that it helps tell a better story. If you are traveling alone, try putting in an interesting subject into your picture, a person, an object or even an animal. This will enhance the appearance of the picture by telling a much more detail stories

Here are 2 simple tips on good composition in photography. If you want to learn more, I suggest that you get this FREE Digital Photography Report as it has all the information that can help you shoot picture like a PRO

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