01 April 2009

Put Yourself In The Picture

Lately I took a vacation with my wife, without the kids. It was enjoyable since we get to be alone together. As we spent time at a resort island, we went to many places with great scenery and scene. We took a lot of pictures, but were either she or I alone in the pictures. There’s hardly any with both of us in it.

Does this sound familiar to you? Where there’s no one help taking picture of you or you and your love one together?

So what can you do to avoid being in such situation?

Well easy, here are 3 options you can try.

1. Ask some passerby to help.
If there are many people present around you, maybe you can try asking some nice guy to help you hold the camera and take the picture for both you and your love one. However there’s a risk that that person may run away with your camera. So be caution on who you ask for help here.

2. Use a tripod
A tripod is simply 3-legged stands that allow you to mount the camera on at any position you want. All you need is to position and set the camera correctly, turn on the self-timer and wait for the countdown for the shot. This has been the most popular way to use to photography yourself when there’s no one to help you. However the downside is that you need to carry extra equipment with you while traveling. The tripod sometime can be bulky and inconvenience to carry along.

3. Get the Xshot
XSHOTThe Xshot is something new in the market. It is small in size, easy to carry and works almost like a tripod. Instate of placing it on a floor, the Xshot is just a rod that attach you camera on it and by holding the rod with your hand, you are able to place the camera at a distance in front of you. Just simply set the timer and hold it firmly and wait for the counter.

Further to it, you get to hold the camera to yourself all the time, without worrying that someone will come and take it away from you while you are posting.

If I have known about this product earlier, I would not have to leave myself out of those beautiful scenery in my holiday with my wife!

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