25 April 2009

Road to Keningau

Before I arrived at KK, Sabah, I was told about the very challenging road that lead to Keningau. Some have their vehicle tolled away while negotiating this roads and some have their vehicle overhaul right after traveling this road

So here's how it looks like.

Road to Keningau from KK required to travel though the Banjaran Crocker (Crocker Range) which have an average height of about 1800m . Keningau is sitting on the other side of the Banjaran (Range). That's what makes the journey tough. The distance between Keningau and KK is not really far, is about 130km away but because is not cover by highway, therefore the journey took about 2 hours.

Here is where it started, upon arriving the foot hill from KK

Along the road, the mountain on the background, that's Banjaran Crocker and that's where we have to go over.

This show how sloppy the road can be at some point.

Here you can see where the road leads to,

This is at the foot of the hill at Keningau side.

Some photo scene where we took a stop to allow the car to cool down. Very beautiful scene if you have a clear day.

These were taken at about 4pm when on our way back to KK. These are cloud and not mist. Sometime it get so dens that visibility range is just about few meters away. Therefor it make the journey much more difficult and dangerous to travel at certain time.

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