30 May 2009

Alien vs Predator

Here is a picture of spider eating a dead fly.

Who is the alien and who is the predator, you figure yourself.

23 May 2009

Scene from Morib Beach, Selangor

Went to Morib Beach, Selangor 2 weeks ago. It wasn't a great photo shooting outing as the day was gloomy and it actually rain for a while. We did not manage to do great shot simply because the lighting is just too bad. Lack of contrast at all.

Here's the best I manage to do and hope you enjoy it

Morib Beach, Selangor is the closest beach from KL, It was not a great beach with white sandy beach, simply because the land over there are mostly mud land. But don't be surprise that many people go there during the weekend, simply to relax and enjoy the beach.

Morib BeachMorib BeachMorib Beachmorib beach

17 May 2009

What it takes to become a good photographer?

What it takes to become a good photographer? I think many people who owned a camera would like to know the answer and how they can become a good photographer. Becoming a good photographer may not necessary have to be a professional photographer. In order to be good photographer, you just need to know how to produce good photos that tell a story your way.

All this can only be possible if there is great passion for the subject. Passion drives motivation and hence drives inspiration and success. Don’t expect to become a good photographer overnight by just reading some books. That will never happen. Practice, endurance, problem solving, keep learning, humble enough to ask, sharing of opinion, all this are keys to becoming a good photographer.

To start with, of cause is that you need a decently good camera that is able to capture every moment according to your requirement. Once you have the lenses and equipment that allows you to compose composition according to your requirement, next thing you need is PRACTICE.

PRACTICE make perfect. Do not expect your first attempt to be a prefect short; this usually does not happen even though you have all the knowledge on your hand. That is why practice is important. From practice you will learn and learn and improve. Having the endurance to go though this process is crucial and never give up even though failure is more then success.

LEARN FORM OTHER. Sharing of knowledge and opinion is important cause each individual has its own way of doing things. Is not wrong to mimic what other is doing as long as you can do it with your own taste.

JOINT A GROUP. It is more fun to have a group of friends, which have the same interest. Joint them for any photo-shooting outing. It make the hobby much more enjoyable and interesting. Being a photographer need to constantly look for subject to photograph and doing it alone is never easy and can be quite stressful sometime.

SHARE YOUR WORK. Willing to share what you have done to your friends and other. With the convenience of the Internet, it is much more easy to share what you have created to other. Most importantly is able to accept critics as positive critics can help you learn and improve.

RIGHT TECHNIQUE. Every photo shooting require certain kind of technique, slow shutter or fast shutter speed, big or small aperture, flash or no flash? This are just basic information that all photographer got to know on hand. To become a good photographer is to use all this elements to your advantage. Therefore investing some amount of time to understand the technicality of a digital camera is important.

The above are just some simple thing that can help you to become a good photographer. End of the day is how much passion you have in photography that counts. Most professional photographer started their journey from their love and passion in photography.

07 May 2009

KLCC Park - Panorama View

Manage to stitch up few photo of KLCC park and created this Panorama view. Please click on the picture to see the large version of it.

So what do you think ?

05 May 2009

10 Tips on Photographing Wildlife

As I have been involved in taking macro photography of the nature, I found that photographing wildlife and insects has its very own challenges. This is simply because wildlife, animal or even insect will never obey you and post for you until you get your short right.

Therefore you require certain skills and here are some tips on photographing wildlife that can help you to start with.

To get good shots of animals and birds, you will have to learn to be quick in setting up and framing your shots. Waiting until you get out in the wilderness to learn these tricks is not a good idea. What I found to be very helpful was practicing on any animal that you can find in your home, either be your cat or birds in your yard or local parks. You learn to anticipate their behavior and react fast to get the good shots.

Here are some key point tips on photographing wildlife

1. Practice make perfect, do lots of practice on moving object, especially on pan moving target. This allows you to take more dramatic photographs with a sense of speed.

2. Make sure your camera is ready for all occasion, especially wildlife photography. Have your battery fully charged, sufficient memory for lots of photos, and a well-cleaned lens.

3. Do some research on the area that you are going for photographing wildlife. Best to look out for the type of animals and birds that you are expected to find and their characteristic so that you know what to do when you see them. Also learn more about the environment and surrounding so that you have some idea how it will be and know what to prepare for.

4. Learn to be quite and steady when you move, so that any movement from your body won’t scare away those animals.

5. Be alert and observant on you surrounding. This may require some practice but once you get a hand on it. It should not be a problem. Any small movement, unusual movement or even smell will tip you off that an animal is present. Hiking with an awareness of your surroundings enhances your experience immeasurably.

6. Get telephoto lenses. When photographing wildlife, telephoto lenses can be very handy and is able to get you closer to the animal. With a telephoto lens, you come close to the animal from a distance without scaring it away.

7. When you photographing wildlife, make sure the focus is sharpest on their eyes.

8. Shoot small animals from a lower angle.

9. The best times of the day for viewing and photographing wildlife are early in the mornings and just before dark. This is when wildlife is usually most active and the light is the most dramatic

10. Try to keep the sun at your back so that the light falls directly on your subject.

The above 10 tips on photographing wildlife should able to get your started with. Again research your subject is important as it helps you to understand what you have to deal with and be prepare for it.

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01 May 2009

Dead trees by the lake

While on my way home from work, I pass by this place where I noticed some dead trees by the lake. So I stop and snap some pictures. Here you are. Enjoy it.

dead treeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeDead trees by the lakeHere's something extra. I found this little orange grasshopper in the bushes. It was only about 1cm long.

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