25 June 2009

Digital Camera Exposure Tips

Digital camera exposure is one information that all beginner photographer must knows and master, especially if you are a new Digital SLR user.

Learning digital photography some time can be quite daunting, especially if you are using a DSLR. Though most cameras now come with preset and auto function, it more or less helps in taking good pictures. However a DSLR biggest advantage is to allowing the photographer to photograph objects manually according to his own requirement.. In other words, the photographers have full control on the camera.

Therefore to use the manual function of a DSLR, one has to understand what digital camera exposure is and how it affects the end results of a photo.

Here after some searching, I found this great video that gives some digital camera exposure tips. One of the key elements that were mentioned is the exposure triangle.

Hope this help. Enjoy the video.


18 June 2009

Your Guide to Digital Photography Review

Learn Digital Photography Now Website

The “Your Guide to Digital Photography” by Dan Feildman is a downloadable guide for digital photography beginners and those looking for better results from their digital photography.

Product Details:
There are a number of components to this learning product including –

- “Your Guide to Digital Photography” - a 75-page guide that includes a variety of tips and advice for the beginner to advanced photographer. Some of the topics are:

- Taking your first pictures
- Different kinds of digital cameras
- Professional technology at affordable prices
- Finding the right low end digital camera for those on a budget
- Exposing digital photography myths.
- Understanding the features of your digital camera
- Tips for taking better digital pictures
- Pet photo tips
- Night photo tips
- Horizons and sunglasses
- How to share your digital pictures
- Printing your pictures
- Choosing a printer for you digital images
- Editing your photos.
- Understanding white balance so your photos look good in all lighting.
- Interpolation and digital zoom to improve detailing in pictures
- Finding free photo editors for your Windows computer
- Using your flash effectively
- Understanding and making the most of your memory cards
- Important equipment to take when traveling.
- Battery options and your best bets.
- Making money from your digital photography hobby.

- “Photography Quick Tips” – 37 pages showing you how to make the most of your pictures. It includes practical tips for:

- Night photography
- Action photography
- Landscapes
- Sunsets and sunrises
- Beach photography
- Desert photography
- Sports photography
- People and pets
- Street photography
- Fog & Mist
- Waterfalls & Running Water
- Rain & Snow
- Fireworks

- Picasa Tutorials – There are 8 video tutorials (you can view them online or download them to your computer) to show you how to use the free Picasa software to organize, edit, create and share your photos. The videos include:

- Downloading and installing the program
- Editing photos with Picasa
- Creating collages
- Blogging with Picasa
- Backing up your photos
- Printing your photos
- Posting pictures to your web album

- “Your Top Digital Photography Questions Answered” – This 26 page guide answers 20 common questions about digital photography including:

- What is the biggest mistake made by beginning digital photographers?
- How to decide on the right digital camera.
- How to decide is a picture is worth taking.
- How to get the white balance right.
- How to take clear shots for indoor sports.
- Advantages/disadvantages of raw vs. Jpeg format photographs.
- What are the best settings for low light/nighttime conditions?
- What is hyperfocal distance?
- How to take a photo of a glass sign or a framed picture in glass
- How to get high contrast natural light black and white pictures.
- Time lag from the time you take a picture until it is on the memory card.
- How to avoid redeye in dim light.
- Small object close up pictures.
- How to photograph gemstones and jewelry.
- How to take a picture with both strong sun and shade.
- Capturing personality in photos of people.
- How can I understand depth of field?
- Settings and techniques for photographing birds and wildlife.
- How to take pictures into the sun and avoid lens flare.
- How to take good pictures in the snow or on the beach.

- “Buying a Digital Camera” Video – This video shows you how to use the Internet to conduct research from unbiased sources.

- “An Experiment in Photography. What Exactly Happens When You Change the Settings on Your Digital Camera?” – This 12 page guide shows photos of the same object (a house, in this case) with different camera settings resulting in very different photos.

- “Secrets of Night Photography” – A quick 6-page guide with concise advice about nighttime photography. It includes information on:

- Trails of Light (Cars)
- Trails of Light (Stars)
- Weather and Exposure
- Horizons and Sunglasses
- Tripods
- Low Cost Filtering

The main guide is a PDF ebook. There are extra guides (PDF) and videos (free Flash & Shockwave required). If you’re not sure how to use these files, don’t worry, all the download information is carefully explained and any software you may need is free and safe to download.

Thoughts on the Product:
This package covers a lot of ground on the topic of digital photography. All of the advice is very step-by-step and detailed, but doesn’t include unnecessary filler. Even for someone who has never used a digital camera before, the information is clear and concise enough to take that person from buying a camera to taking their first shots and being proud of their work.

The product can be downloaded instantly upon purchase, so you don’t have to wait for a bunch of books and videos to come in the mail. For those who are new to online downloads, full instructions are included.

Where to Learn More:
Click here to go to Learn Digital Photography Now Website

13 June 2009

Penang Scene - Morning, Evening & Night

Penang Scene taken from Paradise Sandy Beach Resort's balcony, on 3 difference time; Morning, Evening and Night.

Penang Scene @ morningMorning Glory

Penang Scene @ eveningEvening Sunset

Penang Scene @ nightNight Reflection

So what do you think bout my Penang Scene @ morning, evening and night ?

09 June 2009

Taking a Memont in Life

Taking a Memont in Life Looking at this picture, there's so much thought come into my mind. From the composition to the technique I use, it seems endless to me.

However one very significant thought come to me, that is Take A Moment in Life to enjoy the beauty of your surrounding. This is not an everyday event that you get to watch a beautiful sunset at Tanjung Bunga Beach, Penang with your love ones, just like this.

When the opportunity comes, stop what you are doing and enjoy it !

02 June 2009

AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G

Nikon has announce its brand new wide aperture AF-S DX NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G NIKKOR lens couple of months ago and finally the price tag is out and is available in Malaysia market

This Lens which has a fast aperture of f/1.8 which give you a bright viewfinder experience and beautiful bokah effect (background blur). It also incorporates NIKKORS’s ultra-compact ring type Silent Wave Motor (SWM) for quiet, accurate focus operation.

This is an excellent lens for portrait photography as the 35mm focal length is equivalent to a focal length of 52.5mm in FX and 35mm formats.

The price tag for this lens is expected to be less then RM1000 and many will find this lens an affordable choice for expanding their photographic system.

Here are some of the main features. Further detail please check out Nikon Website.

Main Features
• DX-format, normal single-focal-length lens with 35mm focal length
(picture angle is equivalent to a focal length of 52.5mm in FX and 35mm formats)
• Large maximum aperture of f/1.8
• Silent Wave Motor (SWM) ensures smooth AF operation
• High-performance optical system with aspherical lens delivers superior reproduction capability
• Compact, well-balanced design when attached to small SLRs
• Two focus modes available — M/A (manual-priority autofocus) and M (manual focus)
• Metal mount
• Natural blur effect thanks to seven-blade rounded diaphragm

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