25 June 2009

Digital Camera Exposure Tips

Digital camera exposure is one information that all beginner photographer must knows and master, especially if you are a new Digital SLR user.

Learning digital photography some time can be quite daunting, especially if you are using a DSLR. Though most cameras now come with preset and auto function, it more or less helps in taking good pictures. However a DSLR biggest advantage is to allowing the photographer to photograph objects manually according to his own requirement.. In other words, the photographers have full control on the camera.

Therefore to use the manual function of a DSLR, one has to understand what digital camera exposure is and how it affects the end results of a photo.

Here after some searching, I found this great video that gives some digital camera exposure tips. One of the key elements that were mentioned is the exposure triangle.

Hope this help. Enjoy the video.


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