13 June 2009

Penang Scene - Morning, Evening & Night

Penang Scene taken from Paradise Sandy Beach Resort's balcony, on 3 difference time; Morning, Evening and Night.

Penang Scene @ morningMorning Glory

Penang Scene @ eveningEvening Sunset

Penang Scene @ nightNight Reflection

So what do you think bout my Penang Scene @ morning, evening and night ?

2 Snaps:

How to shot good nite landscape? What is your apeture, shutter seting for the nite shot (light reflect)

Here's is my EXIF for the night

Aperture : F9.0
ISO :400
Metering Mode : Matrix
Exposure time 30s

For night shot, all you need is to us a tripod and have long exposure. As long as it can be. F stop is to have sharp images while lower iso is to reduce image noise.

You got to learn the exposure triangle in order to get this 3 element balance

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