01 July 2009

High Dynamic Range Trial Image

High Dynamic Range Image

I was discussing with some of my friends on how to product our first High Dynamic Range Trial image. After some goggling and YouTube-ing, I took the trial and went to the park near to my house to photography this.

1st set of images was done using Photoshop but did not find the results I was looking for.

2nd attempt was using a HDR software call Photomatic. This is what I get with this software. Not bad indeed since it is my first attempt.

Basically I used 3 raw images with difference exposure setting and merge them using the Photomatic software, some color tweaking and BAM! My first High Dynamic Range image.

2 Snaps:

the clouds still look a bit washed out and lacking details. maybe your color mapping? But very nice.


Thanks.. Will try to improve on that. I was a bit hesitate on over doing it. Will try some more shot this weekend.

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