13 July 2009

How I improve my photos of Reflection in water

I have been trying many ways to photography photos of reflection in water for objects such as buildings and floating objects. While I was shooting, I notice that by using longer exposure time, I manage to build up a milky reflection of the object on the water.

This technique was quite amazing and I found that it give good prospective of the reflection This technique is very useful if you do not have a claim water surface or the reflection object is small, like far buildings.

Here are 2 set of photo of reflection in water and each set is obtained with difference exposure time. Here you can see the difference clearly.

reflection in waterThe above picture was taking with a shatter speed of 1/30s. Notice that the water wave is noticeable with not so clear reflection.

reflection in waterThis picture however was taken with a shutter speed of 0.8s. The wave from the water was smooth out with a milky effect. The reflection of the branch look much clearer now.

Here's another example of longer exposure time techniques that bring better reflection in water, especially on night scene.

reflection in waterThis was taken with a shutter speed of 30s. Notice the amount of light being reflected on the water.

Conclusion : Shutter speed does able to give better reflection element to the photos. If you love such kind of reflection, use long shutter speed setting. However the downside of this technique is the reflection in water does not give a mirror effect to the object of photograph.

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thanks for the tip. i'm into photography as well, but just a beginner. i've been practicing reflection shots from my Canon EOS 40D for some time now.

Great so did you manage to take great pictures with ur canon ?

Great. I just posted about using my low-end camera phone to blog. I've been considering a GE digi cam since they don't have ads yet which makes their products more affordable for now. Do you recommend the brand?

Thanks for visiting, I have check out your blog, you have great blog. Your images are very well edited. As for the GE digicam, well i have no idea about this but i would suggest you give it a try on your local shop n do some research on Google. Should give u some idea on the performance of the digicam.

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