21 November 2009

Learning with Photography Video Tutorials

Learning digital photography just by reading books and articles sometime may not be that easy. It takes great imagination to understand what the author is trying tell you.

There’s where I resort to photography video tutorials, as audio visual learning is the most effective and easy to understand. My source of photography video tutorials were from YouTube as there are tones of video tutorials for various topics to learn about. However there’s one down side, most videos found in YouTube are not complete videos, meaning it is like a preview that leads you to the author’s webpage. You get to learn something from YouTube but seldom you get to learn everything.

I also manage to learn some new tricks from photography video tutorial found in Digital Camera Magazine, obtained from my local bookstores. The tutorials found in the DCM website is good, just that I need to run to the nearest bookstore to get this magazine each month.

Here’s a source of downloadable photography video tutorials and it’s found in ProPhotoInsights.Net. They have good quality photography video tutorials with HD quality videos produced by Simon Plant, and it comes with just a small fraction of a price to pay. Choose which topic you like to learn about and just download the video.

Simple sign up and you will have free access to many of their Digital Photography Tutorials,and Adobe Photoshop Training videos, forum community & competitions plus other exciting features.


If you are serious about learning photography, do check out ProPhotoInsights.net

17 November 2009

Better Landscape Photography

Ever wonder why your landscape photos sometime just don’t turn out as what you see with your eyes?  Many time is either the sky is too bright or the ground is too dark and there’s just no way to correctly balance the exposure to get good exposure for both sky and land.

The reason is because of the limitation of dynamic range a camera has. Our eyes are more sensitive to light and hence able to see wide range of color and density. However in a digital camera, the sensor has it own limitation on how much color range and density can be captured.

To over come this problem when photographing a scene or landscape, there a few common ways to do it.


1. Use Filters.

Filter such as a polarizer or a neutral density filter or ND filter, help reduces light of all wavelengths or colors equally, hence balancing the exposure differences between the too bright and too dark. This is the most natural way to improve and enhance landscape photography.

2. HDR Image Post processing

HDR post processing basically deal with merging 2 or more difference exposure photos together. By doing so you are able to widen the dynamic range of the photo hence high dynamic range photos are produce.

Here are 3 common techniques used and each has it own differences.

HDR with Photomatix Pro

Photomatix Pro is a stand-alone program that creates and processes HDR (High Dynamic Range) images. This is the most easiest way to product HDR photos and here’s one that I have done.


HDR with Photoshop CS4

Photoshop comes with a automated function known as merge to HDR. It works the same as photomatix pro but cut out the density and contrast enhancement. Here one I try out with Photoshop


HDR the manual way.

This is the most manual way of doing HDR and basically is using Photoshop masking function. Mask the cloud into a slight under exposure picture and you will get a clear cloudy sky yet without losing details on the trees. This need a bit of practice and skill shaping before you will get am perfect HDR image. Here’s what I manage to do.


So here you are, difference ways to archive HDR photos. Which method is the best, well that’s up to each individual’s preference. For me, I still prefer the masking way as the images come out much more natural.

13 November 2009

Taman Tasik Lembah Kiara, TTDI

After being away from home for about 2 weeks, upon returning, the kids just crying our for activities, so we decided to have a picnic outing at Taman Tasik Lembah Kiara, TTDI on the weekend.
Taman Tasik Lembah Kiara or commonly known as TTDI park is surrounded with great nature and is a very popular place for family outing. Many goes there to have their morning walk while other who love jogging will enjoys it jogging tracks.
Here’s how the park looks like, fill with nature, tranquility and peaceful, not forgetting, abundant of fresh air from the trees.
Photographed with Nikon D60, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S

03 November 2009

Kuala Terengganu Beach

Here are some classic photo shots from Kuala Terengganu Beach. This beach has a weird name and is known as Pantai Batu Buruk (Batu Buruk Beach or ugly stone beach).
Reason for such name was that it has an ugly looking stone formation near the beach. It was not that obvious simply because the beautiful sandy beach and high sea waves over shadow it.
Famous activities you can find over here is not wind surfing or water sports, but house riding, kite flying and waves watching.
The downside about this beach is that it is prohibited to swim in it due to the dangerously rough sea.
It is nice to watch the sun rise from here as it is facing the east. and sometime you may get nice moon during the night.
There are few reasonable cheap / budget beach resort available along the beach, however it does not have a private beach, simple because the beach lies on state’s land.
It is a nice place to unwind after a long day work !

Photographed with Nikon D60, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S

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