21 November 2009

Learning with Photography Video Tutorials

Learning digital photography just by reading books and articles sometime may not be that easy. It takes great imagination to understand what the author is trying tell you.

There’s where I resort to photography video tutorials, as audio visual learning is the most effective and easy to understand. My source of photography video tutorials were from YouTube as there are tones of video tutorials for various topics to learn about. However there’s one down side, most videos found in YouTube are not complete videos, meaning it is like a preview that leads you to the author’s webpage. You get to learn something from YouTube but seldom you get to learn everything.

I also manage to learn some new tricks from photography video tutorial found in Digital Camera Magazine, obtained from my local bookstores. The tutorials found in the DCM website is good, just that I need to run to the nearest bookstore to get this magazine each month.

Here’s a source of downloadable photography video tutorials and it’s found in ProPhotoInsights.Net. They have good quality photography video tutorials with HD quality videos produced by Simon Plant, and it comes with just a small fraction of a price to pay. Choose which topic you like to learn about and just download the video.

Simple sign up and you will have free access to many of their Digital Photography Tutorials,and Adobe Photoshop Training videos, forum community & competitions plus other exciting features.


If you are serious about learning photography, do check out ProPhotoInsights.net

2 Snaps:

Filmless photography using a digital imaging camera.
Digital photography
eliminates many of the steps and costs of traditional photography.

Digital photography is totally difference from convention film photography.

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