28 February 2010

Chrysanthemum Flower at Macro

Hope I’m not wrong, the flower below should be belongs to the Chrysanthemum family. Took this macro flower photography of chrysanthemum at a hotel reception not too long ago.
I do not have a dedicated Marco lens so I relied on my Kenko 25mm extender, go along with my 55-80mm Nikkor D lens.
I photography this with my Nikon D60 and SB600 flash gun with a flash card on it. Focusing was in manual as the D lens do not have a autofocus motor build into the lens. F-stop was at F/10 in order to get better DOF.
This photos did not go through too much of post processing, a little sharpening, curve adjustment and white balance adjustment.
Hope you like my macro flower photography of Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum, macro flower photography
Chrysanthemum, macro flower photography

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