26 April 2010

Why digital photography?


Just like to share some thought here.

The birth of digital photography has brought much convenient for people to capture the best photo they desired. It basically don’t cost any to take digital photos, and it does not need too much of skills to do so. Today’s digital cameras are designed such that it is easy to use and very user friendly. It is small in size hence make it portable enough to be carried around easily.

Digital camera can provide instant feedback once you take a photo. The photo playback function, let you review all the photos that you have taken and if you are not happy with them, it can be easily deleted and retaken. This allows you to keep trying until you get the right photos.

Printing of digital photos is much easier then before. Just select your best photos and send them to any nearby photo kiosk and you’ll get your photos in a short while. Alternatively you can choose to print it with your home color printer. Just connect your camera to the printer and press the print button and there you have it, your very own digital photos in hard copy.

Don’t like what you see in your photos? Edit it. Digital photography’s biggest advantage is the ability to edit, change and modify it. Don’t like the color, change it. Don’t like the exposure, correct it. All this can be easily done with a photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or PhotoEditorX.

Lastly digital photography has the ability to share the photos you have taken with your love ones and relatives. Just simply attached the photos into your email and click on the send button. Just that simple! For a much more creative method of sharing, you can create a digital scrapbook of your photos, before sending it out or share it in social media website such as Facebook, personal blog or online photo album.

Apparently, digital photography has really paved way for making photography convenient and easier at the same time achieving high quality photos. It just shows that there's no other time to opt to digital photography than now.

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