29 May 2010

Test shot of red hibiscus with Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO

Found a red hibiscus, fully bloom this morning in my garden. Immediately I took out my Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO mounted to my Nikon D60, on a Velbon tripod and start shooting.
For those who have done shooting hibiscus, the most challenge part is to have enough DOF. Hibiscus has a long stamen and by focusing  the stamen will cause out of focus effect on the pedal. Here no matter how small your F stop can be, you still won’t get enough DOF to have the whole Hibiscus in focus.
Therefore I choose to use a layer merge technique. By photography two pictures with one focused on the pedal and another on the stamen, merge and align in photoshop and apply some layer masking, I manage to increase the DOF to some extend and here’s the results.

Effect of shallow DOF. Something it works well if you know your composition.
This is taken with a white background. no major post processing, except for contrast & sharpen adjustment, cropping and texting.

15 May 2010

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

This post suppose to be up last month in April but due to my busy schedule, I got to do it much later.
Putrajaya had its 2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta this year and I manage to pay it a visit. Went there for 2 days, everyday, there are 2 session for the hot air balloon to lift off, one in the morning and one in the evening. Very unfortunately, the evening session was hinder by bad weather and many of the hot air balloons were not able to lift off.
Well the morning session was very much better and I manage to capture some of the activities, and I manage to shoot what I intended to.
It worth all the effort to wake up early and travel 50km to be here.
My Favorite
“May the force be with you”
2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

06 May 2010

My new lens, Tamron SP AF 90 mm

After couple of months of research, finally I got my hand on this lens, The Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Marco 1:1. I’ve been told that this is a value for money lens and the image quality is superb either. It is a cheap and affordable Marco and portrait lens ! With just less then RM1500 with F/2.8, what else can you ask for ?

1st try on this lens does amaze me with it sharp and reasonably fast autofocus, especially when you mount it on a Nikon D60 body. White balance looks good. The only complain iI have is on the autofocus build in motor, it sounds rough compared to Nikkor lens, but then, for just 1/2 the price of a Nikkor lens, what do you expect.

I’ll post some photos later after fully learned about this lens, as it is a prime without VR, it require some skill adjustment to use it. Therefore stay tune for some results. If you are someone who are new to Marco photography and wanting to explore the Marco world without investing too much in equipment, try out this lens.

Here are some spec about this lens.

Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2.8 Di Marco 1:1

Model: 272E ()

Lens Construction (Groups/Elements) : 9/10

Angle of View : 27°

Diaphragm Blade Number : 9

Minimum Focus Distance : 11.4in.(0.29m)

Macro Magnification Ratio : 1:1

Filter Diameter : ø55

Weight : 405g (14.3oz)

Diameter x Length : ø2.8 x 3.8in.

(ø71.5 x 97mm)

Accessory : Lens hood, Case

Mount : Canon – Available

Nikon – Available

Pentax – Available

Sony – Available

For more detail, please visit Tamron official site

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