29 May 2010

Test shot of red hibiscus with Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO

Found a red hibiscus, fully bloom this morning in my garden. Immediately I took out my Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO mounted to my Nikon D60, on a Velbon tripod and start shooting.
For those who have done shooting hibiscus, the most challenge part is to have enough DOF. Hibiscus has a long stamen and by focusing  the stamen will cause out of focus effect on the pedal. Here no matter how small your F stop can be, you still won’t get enough DOF to have the whole Hibiscus in focus.
Therefore I choose to use a layer merge technique. By photography two pictures with one focused on the pedal and another on the stamen, merge and align in photoshop and apply some layer masking, I manage to increase the DOF to some extend and here’s the results.

Effect of shallow DOF. Something it works well if you know your composition.
This is taken with a white background. no major post processing, except for contrast & sharpen adjustment, cropping and texting.

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