25 July 2010

Purple Tip Sebae Anemone – Nano Reef

This is a new live stock that I introduced to my nano reef aquarium few weeks ago. It is known as Purple Tip Anemone or Purple Tip Sebae Anemone.

Sebae Anemone is commonly known as the home for clownfishes (nemo). When ever you see a picture of a clownfish, you will see her sleeping comfortably on a Sebae Anemone.

Here are the picture of my Purple Tip Sebae Anemone, both from a distance and closer, taken with My Nikon D60 with my Tamron Sp90 macro.
Purple Tip Sebae Anemone 
Purple Tip Sebae Anemone

This is what I mean when it become the home of a clownfish.
Purple Tip Anemone,anemone. fire clown

However it seems that the color of tentacles of this purple tips sabae anemone will changed to a dark red-brown, with purple tips as time goes by. Well I will have to see how it goes in a couple of months time.

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