23 August 2011

Congratulation to Nikon D7000 DSLR

The Nikon D7000 DSLR camera has recently received the European Advanced SLR 2011-2012 award presented by the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

Further in in April, Nikon D7000 DSLR was also the recipient of the TIPA Award 2011’s Best DSLR Advanced.

Some of the major feature found in the Nikon D7000 DSLR were the high image quality with very low noise at higher ISO, fast autofocusing and solid body. A semi-professional camera that packed with high-end features that it inherited from D300 and D300s
Congratulation to Nikon for producing such great camera.

Nikon D7000 DSLR

25 July 2011

Singapore Marina Bay, Centre Business District

This is the last part of the journey, to view the Centre Business District from out side of the hotel.
Night scene was awesome due to the colourful lighting from various building.
Singapore, Marina bay
Singapore night cityscape
Singapore, Marina bay
Singapore night cityscape
Singapore, Marina bay
Singapore night cityscape
Singapore, Marina bay
Marina Bay Sand - By night
Singapore, Marina bay Singapore, Marina bay
From far, opposite side of the bay  !
marina bay sand Singapore, Marina bay Singapore, Marina bay
That’s the last part of the story. Hope you enjoy.

25 June 2011

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

Continue from my previous post, The Skypark, which is the most talk about structure for Marina Bay Sands. It has a length of four and a half A380 Jumbo Jet and is situated right on the roof top of the 3 towers, offers a  spectacular bird eyes view of Singapore Marina Bay.
Centre Business District
It has a Observation Deck, which offer a view from Centre Business District all the way to Sentosa island. Hotel guess get to visit the deck for free while guests needed to pay to get entry.
Skypark Observation Deck Skypark Observation Deck Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark
Next come along was the 150m infinity swimming pool, which only open for hotel guests. Facing the Centre Business District offers the most beautiful scene of Singapore, especially from sunset to sun fall.
Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark  Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark
Other then this, there are a few small Jacuzzi pools for family to get along and a beautiful green park, which give an relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the cool evening breeze.
Skypark with greens
Here are the rest of the photos taken, with lots of crowds in it !!
Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark, No Life Guard Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark, busy life guard Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark Singapore, Marina May Sands Skypark, Adult only

13 June 2011

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most talk about hotel in Singapore. It is an architecture marvel which had changed the landscape of Singapore.
Google about Marina Bay Sands and you will find lots of information about it, including its premium room rates. Having a night there will be a dream come true for many average earner like me.
Well this dream did came true when I got a special offer to have 2 nights there with certain condition. So there was it 2 nights at the Marina Bay Sands with my family, a short holiday to Singapore.
Before the journey starts, we did lots of research about this place and through Google and blogs, this sound like an awesome place to visit and with that premium room rates, we are expecting something really 5 stars
So we drove all the way down to Singapore, with my Google map on hand and GPS running, journey to Marina Bay Sands is real easy if you are coming in from Taus (2nd link). However there was some confusion when almost reaching Marina Bay as my GPS and Google map show me different route.
Almost got panic there, so  I switch to my instinct,  which is look for the 3 tall towers. So there was it.. finally it was on the horizon and there was the exit from the highway as mention by Google Map.
As I go closer, I notice that the 3 towers wasn’t as tall as I’ve expected. Although it has 53 stories with a skypark on top of it, it still look kind of short to me. Well maybe that’s the power of advertisement, making something great look greater.
So that was I driving my old refurbish Proton Wira all the way to the entrance, I was greeted by some car jockeys. Being Malaysia, to pay SGD6 for per day per entry self parking while you are the guess of the hotel sound a bit ridicules but those jockeys does have some marketing skills that they manage to convince me to allow them to park my car for a price of SGD12 per day, unlimited entry. It was a big price to pay but it was a nice experience.
Each time when I need to get my car, they will kindly drove it up from the car park, and there was I noticing that most cars coming out of the car parks are luxuries cars except for mine, well that’s life and I’m happy with it.
Ok next to the lobby for check-in. Lobby was not as great as I have expected but they do have great hospitality, welcome drink was served to all guess who are waiting in line to check in. My check in was brief cause I arrived early. If I’m an hour late, it will be nightmare.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Now to the room. This is where the wow factor comes in, cause seldom I with my family stayed at such luxurious room. The bathroom was really huge, Beds were big enough for all of us and the TV, it was awesome. My son spent most of his time watching that huge 42/50 inch LCD TV and that’s the only thing that could keep him quite. Lastly, there is a balcony in our room. Something you don’t really expect.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
The Bath Tub
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
The Beds
I got to say, with the kind of price that I’m paying, the greatest of all is the room. It is so conformable and specious, something that was not easy to find in Singapore. Off cause some added values are the skypark and the 150m infinity swimming pool. I’ll leave this to my next coming post.
Well here are some photos of the hotel at various location, mainly at the lobby area.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands Singapore Marina Bay Sands
This is where we had breakfast Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Direction to the Casino, Expo and Shoppes, which is just cross the street. Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Direction to all 3 towers, just in case you lost your way! Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Chinese lantern in front of a Chinese restaurant
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
My two little one
Continue to Part 2 of the journey – Marina Bay Sands Skypark

25 May 2011

Catching sunrays clouds

To catch a sunray clouds, sometime it takes a bit of luck when finding the right moment to shoot something interesting. Like this sunrays clouds. It was not there 5 minutes ago and its only stay there for a couple of minutes before is all gone.

I was at a beach with my kids for an evening stroll when visiting my in laws, sitting by the beach watching the normal sunset, all of a sudden, I notice this huge cloud covering the setting sun and all of a sudden, here were the rays, shooting out from behind the cloud.

Looking at it I quickly draw my camera and start shooting with varies exposure setting. I know I do not have a lot of time to play with my camera to get the right setting because I know the cloud will just float away anytime, so i shoot it in RAW. 

Good thing about shooting in RAW is you can still edit the exposure even though it did not come out correct from the camera. So there was it, a little bit of tweaking at the RAW files, I manage to get the right exposure for this moment. The SunRays Clouds !

16 May 2011

Landmark from Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

Tasik Perdana situated in the heard of Kuala Lumpur is one of the most favourite place to visit by many. Most people will go there to do their morning routine exercise, other simple go there and enjoy the beauty of nature and fresh air.

This is also a great place to bring your family our for a nice relaxing weekend.

The last time i went to Tasik Perdana was about 20 years ago. Since then, many has changes. The beautification that has been done to this place was awesome. In just a short 1.5 hours of photo shooting, i manage to shot some interesting picture that was not there 20 years ago, beside the parliament building of cause.
Grand View of the auditorium
The roof of the auditorium
This auditorium was there for a very long time, if not mistaken but now it has a new roof top and a well design seating
A well laid out garden, neat and clean
Long Zebra Crossing
I don’t remember seeing this part of the garden, but it leads to a large play ground. The kids would certainly love this place
The Lost Trail
Very spooky. Wonder is there any hidden treasure around.
You just cannot miss this, The Parliament.
Just before the day is starts and the surrounding is just  peaceful and quite
The are more photos which was not posted here simply because it not within this topic. You can easily check it out at my flick page here.

14 April 2011

Pasar Malam in B&W

This were taken during a holiday trip to Cameron Highland. Headed down to the pasar malam for dinner and was pleasantly surprise to meet come of this hawkers, who are friendly and not camera shy.

Maybe they are used to being in front of the camera all the time, since many tourist flock to Cameron Highland during school holidays.

Not to mention, they do prepare nice hot snack foods, just nice for a cool windy evening

Makcik working hard behind the steam
Hardworking makcik
Sweet Girl making pan cake
Hardworking young girl making pan cakes
Pan cake
Pan cakes in the making
Chicky sweet corn girl

31 March 2011

Macro flower photography with Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO

Macro flower photography may seem like an easy task but when really giving it a try, you will encounter various challenges. In order to successfully make a good macro flower photo, good skills and technique is required, together with appropriate tools, and with a little bit of luck.

The photo you see here was taken during Chinese New Year in a shopping mall with limited tools and skill. I have to try out a few setting before I manage to perfect the shot. So how do I do it?

Macro Flower Photography with Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO

Before I explain on how I photography this picture, let understand what will affect the quality of your macro flower photography.

1. Movement
When come to shooting something in very close proximity, ie in macro or close up, a small bit of movement will cause blur images. Movement cause by wind, handshake or even the flipping of the shutter mirror will cause you picture to get blur. That is why a good steady tripod is important for macro flower photography.

2. Lens
A good macro lens is one that cannot ignore to have if you want to venture into macro flower photography. A good Nikkor or Canon macro lens does not come cheap, but if you are a beginner and wanted to try out macro flower photography, an alternative is to use 3rd party lenses such as this Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO. Personally I found this to be quite a magnificent lens, despite the much cheaper price compared to the Nikkor version.

3. Lighting.
Good lighting gives vibrant to your photos. For macro flower photography, it is always best to keep ISO as low as possible. This is to reduce image noise. Further, we like to have fast shutter speed when we photograph, this is to eliminate motion blur.

So back to my photo, when I took this shot, I do not have the convenient of having a tripod as I’m in a shopping mall. Setting up a tripod photographing display flowers will look a bit silly, further the flower were located indoor, which also means poor ambient lighting. All I have at that time was a Tamron 90 mm f 2.8 Di MACRO lens, a Nikon SB600 flashgun and two hands.

So in order to get this shot right, I have to rely on my flashgun to give extra boost for lighting and reasonable fast shutter speed to countermeasure for hand shake. General rule of thumb, shutter speed should be about 1.5 times of the focus length, ie for my 90mm lens, I need shutter speed of at lease 1/125 s. 

Next I have to decide the aperture to use. Bare in mind that at close focus distance, wide aperture will give shallow depth of field. This is very obvious, as you will see smaller area of your flower to be in focus and the rest are all blur. 

In macro flower photography, we need to give sharpness/focus to certain anatomy of the flower while leaving the rest out of focus. This helps make the anatomy to stand out further. In my picture, it will be the Carpels (center part of the flower). Therefore I increase my f-stop to as high as possible without loosing exposure. I finally come to a f-stop of 16 for this photo.

The final setting I used for this macro flower photo is as below

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/16.0
Focal Length: 90 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Exposure Bias: 0 EV
Metering Mode: Center-weighted average
Light Source: Flash
The last bit of thing that I need to do before I press the trigger is to avoid camera shake
from my body movement. So I apply a technique where you place both your arms closes to your body for extra support and hold your breath when you press the trigger.

This above macro flower photography technique was acquired through my own experience and many trial and errors. Hope you enjoy this tips.

For more macro flower photos, feel free to checkout my Flickr set Here.

By the way, do you love photography? and wanted to pursuit a degree in this subject? Learn more about Art and Design degrees NOW !.

24 March 2011

2011 Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011
The 2011 Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon fiesta has just ended last week. This year, the event was held during the school holiday, so it was just great for me as I can bring my family to this event without too much difficulty.
Last year I manage to catch the morning action with my camera but without my family, so they missed out all the great moment. This time, I make sure they wake up early enough and be at Putrajaya as early as 7am on the first day of the event.
It was an effort well pay off, cause on the first say, the weather was good and the release was successfully. Subsequent day was not as good as the first due to inconsistence weather condition.
3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011
To view my photo shots of this event, please feel free to head over to my Flickr account by clicking on the Flickr logo below.
Enjoy yourself there.
If you like to have some of my photo for your desktop or screen saver, feel free to download it from Flickr. High-resolution version will can given upon request.
3rd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2011

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