25 May 2011

Catching sunrays clouds

To catch a sunray clouds, sometime it takes a bit of luck when finding the right moment to shoot something interesting. Like this sunrays clouds. It was not there 5 minutes ago and its only stay there for a couple of minutes before is all gone.

I was at a beach with my kids for an evening stroll when visiting my in laws, sitting by the beach watching the normal sunset, all of a sudden, I notice this huge cloud covering the setting sun and all of a sudden, here were the rays, shooting out from behind the cloud.

Looking at it I quickly draw my camera and start shooting with varies exposure setting. I know I do not have a lot of time to play with my camera to get the right setting because I know the cloud will just float away anytime, so i shoot it in RAW. 

Good thing about shooting in RAW is you can still edit the exposure even though it did not come out correct from the camera. So there was it, a little bit of tweaking at the RAW files, I manage to get the right exposure for this moment. The SunRays Clouds !

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