13 June 2011

Singapore – Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most talk about hotel in Singapore. It is an architecture marvel which had changed the landscape of Singapore.
Google about Marina Bay Sands and you will find lots of information about it, including its premium room rates. Having a night there will be a dream come true for many average earner like me.
Well this dream did came true when I got a special offer to have 2 nights there with certain condition. So there was it 2 nights at the Marina Bay Sands with my family, a short holiday to Singapore.
Before the journey starts, we did lots of research about this place and through Google and blogs, this sound like an awesome place to visit and with that premium room rates, we are expecting something really 5 stars
So we drove all the way down to Singapore, with my Google map on hand and GPS running, journey to Marina Bay Sands is real easy if you are coming in from Taus (2nd link). However there was some confusion when almost reaching Marina Bay as my GPS and Google map show me different route.
Almost got panic there, so  I switch to my instinct,  which is look for the 3 tall towers. So there was it.. finally it was on the horizon and there was the exit from the highway as mention by Google Map.
As I go closer, I notice that the 3 towers wasn’t as tall as I’ve expected. Although it has 53 stories with a skypark on top of it, it still look kind of short to me. Well maybe that’s the power of advertisement, making something great look greater.
So that was I driving my old refurbish Proton Wira all the way to the entrance, I was greeted by some car jockeys. Being Malaysia, to pay SGD6 for per day per entry self parking while you are the guess of the hotel sound a bit ridicules but those jockeys does have some marketing skills that they manage to convince me to allow them to park my car for a price of SGD12 per day, unlimited entry. It was a big price to pay but it was a nice experience.
Each time when I need to get my car, they will kindly drove it up from the car park, and there was I noticing that most cars coming out of the car parks are luxuries cars except for mine, well that’s life and I’m happy with it.
Ok next to the lobby for check-in. Lobby was not as great as I have expected but they do have great hospitality, welcome drink was served to all guess who are waiting in line to check in. My check in was brief cause I arrived early. If I’m an hour late, it will be nightmare.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Now to the room. This is where the wow factor comes in, cause seldom I with my family stayed at such luxurious room. The bathroom was really huge, Beds were big enough for all of us and the TV, it was awesome. My son spent most of his time watching that huge 42/50 inch LCD TV and that’s the only thing that could keep him quite. Lastly, there is a balcony in our room. Something you don’t really expect.

Singapore Marina Bay Sands
The Bath Tub
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
The Beds
I got to say, with the kind of price that I’m paying, the greatest of all is the room. It is so conformable and specious, something that was not easy to find in Singapore. Off cause some added values are the skypark and the 150m infinity swimming pool. I’ll leave this to my next coming post.
Well here are some photos of the hotel at various location, mainly at the lobby area.
Singapore Marina Bay Sands Singapore Marina Bay Sands
This is where we had breakfast Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Direction to the Casino, Expo and Shoppes, which is just cross the street. Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Direction to all 3 towers, just in case you lost your way! Singapore Marina Bay Sands
Chinese lantern in front of a Chinese restaurant
Singapore Marina Bay Sands
My two little one
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