29 February 2012

Sunrise from Swiss Garden Resort Kuantan

Kuantan is the largest city on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is also the nearest city to Kuala Lumpur that has beautiful sunrise scene.

I have the opportunity to be at Swiss Garden Resort and Spa for 2 nights stay, which is just about 15 mins drive from Kuantan town.

Being located on the east of Peninsular Malaysia, basically the sunrise moment is the most prettiest in this part of the country. Therefore it is worth waking up early just to catch this moment. There are many opportunity to watch the sun rising from the horizon from this part of Malaysia. 

Here are some photos that were taken from this wonderful place.

silhouette Sunrise 2silhouette Sunrise
silhouette Sunrise

24 February 2012

Do you know why your photos suck?

Ever wonder why most of the photos you took with your camera are suck?, Is either too blurry, too dark or even wrongly focused? Do you ever wonder whether the camera that’s sucks hence you are getting all this rubbish? Or you ever regretted in buying some cheap unpopular brand of cameras instate of those well known camera maker?

Well don’t wonder anymore because none of it that are causing your photos suck. The main reason why your photos suck is because of yourself, the person who is shooting those photos.

A good or experience photographer will have the skill and know how to monopolise the capability of the equipment so that good photos can be produce. Check out this video and you will know why.

Given you an awesome camera, without proper skill and knowledge, do not expect any miracle to happen, you will still make suck photos, maybe slightly better in some sense. Therefore don’t blame it on your camera but put your effort in knowing what you do not know.

Everyone who is just coming into the world of digital photography have to start from somewhere. Basic digital photography technique such as exposure factor, ISO, Aperture and shutter speed information are abandon and easily available from the internet and photography books. This are the basic must know information all photographer must have, even if you are just using a point and shoot camera.

However there are more basic information that are not widely mention, simply because it was expected that you have already know it. Simply information such as have you know all the function and preset from your camera and what it does? Have you read and fully understand the operation manual of your camera? This are small details that make big different and spending time to do it will helps you in being a better photographer.

There are more to discuss in this area, that’s why I would like you to have a copy of this great report, produced by Learn Digital Photography Now. In this FREE report, it talks about everything you need to know about digital photography that is not commonly discussed. This Free Report will help you kick start your digital photography hobby and give you a much in-depth understanding about digital photography tips and tricks. Stop making your photos suck and start shooting awesome photos like the pros does it.

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