10 April 2012

Picture of water droplets

It was a very sunny day and I decided to send my car for a good polish. It was shining like a mirror after the polish but then there comes the rain !! It was like a quality assurance test to show that how well the car was polished.

Looking closer at the surface of the car after the rain, there were this rain water droplets, all by themself, not holding on any surface, like small mercury lying all over the place.

With my Nikon D60, mounted with the Tamron SP 90 mm macro lens, I took a couple of shots at different angle and prospective. Reviewing the images, I notice that the depth of field was really shallow. Therefore In order to perfect my focus spot, I turned to manual focus and slowly catch the sweet spot.

Here are the some of the picture of water droplets I have taken.

Picture of water droplets Picture of water droplets Picture of water droplets Picture of water droplets Picture of water droplets

I like some of this picture so much that I’ve made it available for sale. Below are two of the picture that I have made available for hardcopy purchase. It can be obtain from redbubble.com. Click on the images to go to my Redbubble store. It is available in posters, cards and various kind of prints.

.Picture of water droplets on framePicture of water droplets on frame

If you fancy it on your Iphone, it is now available on iphone 4/4S Case

 Picture of water droplets on iphone case

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