11 November 2012

Close Up Photography – Roses

Recently I have been reading this book, UP CLOSE, written by Andrew S.Gibson for some inspiration and technique in macro / close up photography. After reading, I though I would give it a try. However due to my busy schedule, I was not able to do any close up photography for months until now.
I took a trip to Genting Highland lately for a short break with my family, escaping the city business and indulging into quite and tranquil environment.
On the way to the hotel, we drop by a farm, which got famous with its strawberry farming. Along side were other flora to attract more visitors and there were plenty of roses, lavenders, cactus and other flowers.
White Rose
Due to that we arrived late in the afternoon, most of the roses were not at it best shape but with close observation I notice this two, which looks descend enough for some good close up photography.
On my first look at this two roses, I remember what I have read in Up Close and I try the technique suggested. It was not an easy shot, especially when I’m shooting without tripod and there were movement due to wind blow.
It took me few shot with various setting before I got this right. Of cause, the Tamron SP90mm Macro helps a lot in doing this job. Without a good macro lens, I guess it will be much harder to do this shot.Roses are red
If you are interested to know more about macro / close up photography, UP CLOSE, written by Andrew S.Gibson is a good ebook for your leisure reading, as this book explain a lot of fundamental of macro / close up photography.
You can check out this book in detail HERE.


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